Our Services

Planning, Operations, Design, Regulatory Compliance

• Assisting utilities in water quality control, treatment process design and optimization, meeting regulatory requirements, and solving operational problems.

• Conducting compliance audits and assisting utilities in responding to enforcement actions and lawsuits.

• Investigating alternatives and assisting in strategic planning.

Studies, Analysis, and Field Services

• Conducting high-quality studies and research in the areas of water quality control, treatment, regulatory compliance, and regulatory policy.

• Providing technical assistance, optimization, compliance sampling, Microscopic Particulate Analysis (MPA) sampling, and reporting.

• Conducting treatability studies, bench-scale studies, and pilot-plant studies to evaluate treatment alternatives.

Technical Communications

• Writing and editing articles, fact sheets, reports, guidance documents, training manuals, and other materials.

• Preparing technical documents and design and construction drawings to expedite project delivery for regulatory approval and construction.

• Providing full-service Computer Assisted Drafting and design.

Customized Training

• Developing and conducting customized training programs, and facilitating workshops/focus groups.

Source Water Protection

• Performing data analysis and modeling to evaluate and predict water quality trends.

• Facilitating formation of partnerships and stakeholder teams.

• Developing written source water protection and contingency plans.